Super sneak peak – DARK MODE for iOS 13

Published on September 19, 2019

WIFIPLUG 9.0 Now Available for Android users.

Published on August 19, 2019
android app

brand new WIFIPLUG app

Available now!

Top Apple HomeKit Products You Can Buy

Published on May 13, 2019 Top Apple HomeKit Products You Can Buy

Dan from Mac Rumours states, ‘Accessories or products that take advantage of Apple’s HomeKit software framework, allows users to set up, configure and control compatible smart home devices via voice dictation with Siri or an application like Apple’s own home app. For example you can say things like “Hey Siri, turn the lamp on” or “set the thermostat to 21 degrees”

Top Apple HomeKit Products You Can BuyIf you’re also unfamiliar with the Apple Home app, here you can set up and configure all of your HomeKit enabled accessories, set up various scenes, timers, groups and rooms throughout your house. Once you have everything in place, you can use this app to control all of your smart home products.

If you have something in your house that’s not a smart device or HomeKit enabled yet, there are a few accessories out there that will help you turn your everyday product into a smart one.’

WIFIPLUG HOME is a Wi-Fi smart plug that you can plug anything into and turn it into a HomeKit enabled device. A fan, Lamp, Coffee Machine or even your blinds!

We are the first UK company to partner with Apple, they have a super strict certification process, which is why you don’t see all the me2 products on their channel. You can rest assured our plugs have been through the ringer to get them to this level – don’t believe us, check their accessories page here


More Than Just a Smart Plug

Published on April 24, 2019 Wifi Plug Team in Munich

I thought I would add a little bit more about what we have been getting up to in Munich with Techstars and Bosch / Siemens

More Than Just a Smart Plug

As some of you may or may not know – we don’t just connect wifi smart plugs to our cloud – we can connect ANYTHING to it. We have leveraged our 40,000 man hours it took to truly develop our bespoke (made in UK) IoT cloud and have now produced a turn key solution for anyone wanting to connect their things to the internet. We changed the name for our B2B customers as WIFIPLUG didn’t fit the bill. We called it: – “We turn the key, for IoT”.

MYMA stands for MyMa(chine) and is capable of handling millions, actually, billions of events every day. Our fine-tuned servers not only power our WIFIPLUG products day in and day out, but they also help other companies get connected and become smart.

Our IoT platform is capable of pretty much anything – we have connected radiators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, monitors and even student accommodation, not to mention our own products – talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

And that’s precisely what we have done! We are now working with some pretty big brands and also some exciting new startups – more will be revealed on our B2B corporate website over the coming months.

For now, we just wanted to let you know, your plugs are in safe hands – The team that brought you WIFIPLUG all those years ago – now has a super smart, agile and innovative, Internet of Things platform to handle all of those events (currently sitting at 50M per day) .

We’ve got a new Video

Published on March 20, 2019 Take a look


Published on February 20, 2019

We got invited to IKEA startup Bootcamp and were selected down from 1,100 startups to just 28.

It went pretty well – amazing to think the IKEA smart home range doesn’t have any cloud connectivity, welcome – that’s where we come in!

Watch this space!


Published on February 10, 2019

We are here! Well most of us, sorry Craig and Heather, you guys will have to stick it out in the US for now!

We have an exciting few months ahead. We are working with BSH – Bosch Siemens home and Techstars and are already seeing the value of working so closely with both Techstars and BSH.

We are starting to develop our pitch deck whereby will be raising (for the first time ever) $1.2M so we can double our team and deliver our IoT cloud as a turnkey solution.

Demo Day is in May – so watch this space.

Happy New Year!

Published on January 10, 2019

Goood morning amigos!

We are BACK! Yep – 2 weeks off and no server talk, API events, Bugs, Apps, Cloud, FW, HW, maintenance, updates, storage etc blah blah. Truth be told, we’ve actually missed it, but the good news is we can talk about it all year until next Xmas!

We’ve got some GREAT news!

We got into Techstars – the biggest accelerator for startups on the planet, so we must be doing something right and we are as it goes! (more news next month)

We’ve built a fully functioning, scalable Internet of Things cloud, meaning that after spending over 40,000 hours building to work great with smart plugs, we can now leverage the entire build and help other companies connect their ‘dumb’ stuff to our cloud and make it smart. These can literally be anything, a smart wallet, a smart cupboard, garage doors, radiators, dishwashers – it doesn’t need a plug, although, if it did, we would be the guys to do it!

The reason we get so much attention isn’t really our smart home offering, even though it’s cool as hell and still the only UK plug to work with Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana and IFTT out of the box. it’s down to out Open API platform which is in our DNA, no other smart home product on the planet offers it, meaning cloud connections and connecting to other companies is super straight forward.


Published on December 4, 2018

Introducing the latest update to hit your smartphone this festive season: WIFIPLUG 8.0.

We’ve been hard at work all year preparing the next iteration of our mobile app and now we’re proud to announce that it’ll be in your hands in the coming weeks!

What’s new?

Revamped design

WIFIPLUG 8.0 brings a fresh look to the table. Inspired by material and flat design themes, the new interface is functional and visually stunning.

Your home at a glance

Store up to nine favourite devices and Groups and see just how much energy your appliances have used(1) on the all new Home screen.

(1) Energy consumption analytics only available on select WIFIPLUG models.

Event history (WIFIPLUG HOME)

See when your WIFIPLUG was turned on, off, if it was unavailable for any period of time or even if it was overloaded(2).

(2) Overload event pending WIFIPLUG HOME 1.1.6+ firmware update (release date TBC).

And much more!

Your feedback helped shape the WIFIPLUG 8.0 update and there are many more features and improvements besides. Want to check out the update now? Oh, alright then. Here you go:

2 seconds later…

Published on November 12, 2018

Well if truth be told it’s taken about 2 months to get our new site down to 2 seconds, but as we all know, every second counts.

We dread to think how many good soldiers we lost on the way as they waited for our old site to load up.

Check out the before and after!

Before… 16.7 seconds

After… 2.0 seconds. dead.

That shows an 88% decrease in load times!

If you have a website check out GTmetrix, this has been our bible as we aim to build the fastest website out there.

Happy shopping!