WIFIPLUG: We Speak Your Language

Published on April 12, 2018

In our office, we have been testing what’s on offer from the latest voice assistants: the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and the Google Home. It’s undeniable that the sound quality from the HomePod wipes the floor with the competition. The noise it can generate really is simply tremendous and it doesn’t deteriorate when you want to turn it up; believe us when we say: it goes LOUD! You can also talk to Siri more naturally than you can Alexa or Google Assistant. You don’t have to say: “Hey Siri” and then take a gigantic pause while it registers you want something from it. Despite all the mixed PR the HomePod’s had, we love it! That said, we also think the Echo and Google Home have many redeeming features: Alexa is undeniably the smartest AI engine and has the most ‘skills’ meaning integration with third-party apps is a breeze. She is also more intuitive and seems to be able to use her ‘initiative’ more when you ask her to execute commands. The Google Assistant’s most useful feature is the fact it leverages Google’s search engine and can answer all manner of questions on just about any topic.

Most online articles that discuss the functionality of voice assistant hardware present features as a kind of choice but in a modern household, with different preferences and gadget loyalty, we think it’s about to become more of an ‘and’ issue than an ‘or’ one…

Over the next year, we don’t think it will be uncommon for a typical family to be a multi-assistant household. After all, it’s not unusual to see a mixture of Android and Apple phones all under one roof.

But that’s where the complications begin – there are a number of devices that work with two of the three voice platforms and a few that work with one. Devices that respond to voice commands from all voice assistance are few and far between. This can somewhat tedious for the end user who wants to be able to control everything from everywhere.

Introducing WIFIPLUG: In just a few minutes, you can be using your Android phone or Apple HomePod to control your electrical appliances and that control will be absolutely seamless. Turn your lamp on with Siri and then back off With Google Assistant. It couldn’t be easier!

It was no mean feat teaching WIFIPLUG to speak all languages but we did it and not to sound like a playground show-off, but we’re pretty sure we did it first! We’ve worked tirelessly and relentlessly to make our product top notch and multilingual, all in one smart (in fact, the SMARTest) little plug.

SMART Insurance Solutions

Published on March 15, 2018
The future of SMART Home

Clearly we love our gadgets here at WIFIPLUG. Our office frequently resembles the inside of a Millennium Falcon with all the research and development work we have going on. That said, we are determined to make technology as practical as possible and bring some great solutions to our end users this year.

With that in mind, we are in the process of diversifying our brand to incorporate either energy-saving or security solutions. This blog will focus on the latter – our aim is to make you more secure in your home using your WIFIPLUG and some revolutionary technology that’s coming your way!

Connected Home Insurance

WIFIPLUG is making connections with forward-thinking insurance companies who want to help protect their customers using SMART technology. Imagine if your home insurance could be reduced because your home is capable of letting you know something doesn’t look right; whether it’s that someone has opened a door, there’s a water leak, motion has been detected or your appliances or lights have been switched on, the ability to monitor and act on this quickly makes policy holders a lower risk than those who don’t have the ability to monitor their home.

We want to take advantage of this kind of technology in order to make you safer, whether you’re home or not. We want our app to recognise the heartbeat of your home and recognise if something looks out of place. We’re working on creating some clever AI algorithms that will learn the day-to-day activity in your house and let you know if something unexpected happens.

We are in the process of working with a number of other SMART companies: those concerned with security, those concerned with leak detection and even those concerned with other elements of SMART home. We want to create a consortium of companies who will be able to work together and bring security solutions to you so watch this space.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.


February Newsletter

Published on February 25, 2018

Hello Pluggers! It’s been another busy month for us. We’ve launched a new firmware, a new iOS and Android app, and made significant changes to our cloud services. We are confident you will benefit from these updates and enjoy a great end-user experience. We’re still the only plug to work with all voice platforms without the need for any additional hardware and we’re pretty proud of that!

We’ve written a couple of blogs on IFTTT this month too. We really don’t want to go on about it too much but we are sure that if you check it out, you will absolutely love it! IFTTT is a great way to get your apps and devices talking to each other. For a number of people, the prospect of integrating WIFIPLUG with another app might seem pretty daunting but it’s honestly a piece of cake and you can find out how to do it here. We’ll even help you to get set up if you’re struggling! Once you get up and running, you can do things like set your lamp to come on when the sun goes down. IFTTT automatically updates the timers for you according to daylight changes and simply put, it’s brilliant! There are thousands of possibilities – in our office, we have the lights flashing every time the International Space Station goes by – but we appreciate that’s not for everyone (even though it’s probably the coolest thing we’ve ever heard of). We have put together a ‘Fun Things to Try’ page for our users so they can take advantage of some of the great uses for WIFIPLUG.

On that note, we’ve also started hearing about our customers’ positive experiences of WIFIPLUG. Last week, we heard from a customer who had integrated WIFIPLUG with a motion sensor in order to turn a light on when motion was detected, as well as sending a notification to the their phone. We thought this was a great integration (and again, wouldn’t be possible without IFTTT). Whether you are using your WIFIPLUG to operate a lamp or to set up a complex rule-based system, we hope you love the experience. We would love to hear about any other ingenious or inventive ways you are using your WIFIPLUG – get in touch on Twitter @wifiplug

So what’s the future looking like? Pretty good actually! We are developing some very cool features with Alexa, Siri and Google so watch this space for some combined functionality! We always like to dedicate some text to thanking our early adopter customers and acknowledge that without you, none of this would be possible.

As we’ve previously said, we’re a small company with big dreams and your commitment to us makes those dreams a reality – so once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Happy plugging!

SMART Home – Elderly Care, Timers and even Solar Power!

Published on February 2, 2018

We’re always curious to know what our customers use our products for. It’s really interesting to hear where their needs stem from and how they have integrated WIFIPLUG into their home or SMART home. We think we’re pretty inventive but some of our customers have some absolutely fantastic uses for their plugs.

For instance, we spoke to a customer this week who had paired his WIFIPLUG up with a D-Link motion sensor in order to not only turn a light on but also, to notify him of the movement when it was detected. This was achieved by using IFTTT’s functionality. If you haven’t used IFTTT before, then we must urge you to stop reading this and check it out right away! We’ve previously written about our love for IFTTT so it’s excellent that we now have customers telling us how they’re using it! We partnered with IFTTT a few years ago and we genuinely can’t get enough of it!

Likewise, another customer uses their WIFIPLUGs as a way to check in on the movements of an elderly relative. They have two devices: one plugged into a lamp and the other plugged into the TV. Using the energy monitoring functionality of our app, they are able to see the family member is up and about without needing to take away their independence by constantly checking in.

Another customer we spoke to last week told us about how he has integrated WIFIPLUG with his solar power in his house. He has set up a timer (using IFTTT again of course!) so that when the sun comes out, his lithium-powered vacuum cleaner can go on charge. This means he is essentially charging his device for free without having to manually operate switches when the sun is out.

Whether you are using your WIFIPLUG to operate a lamp or to set up a complex rule-based system, we hope you love the experience. We would love to hear about any other ingenious or inventive ways you are using your WIFIPLUG – get in touch on twitter @wifiplug

Happy Plugging!


The Ultimate Mod For Your HomePod

Published on January 26, 2018
The Best SMART Plug for HomePod

This week, the Apple HomePod’s launch was finally announced and we cannot contain our excitement! We are absolutely desperate to get our hands on one!

As always, Apple has been predictably secretive about the launch of the HomePod, pre-order date of the HomePod, functionality of the HomePod – in fact, they’ve kept shtum about everything. They’ve got a real knack of creating hype by remaining quiet; it’s certainly worked with us! We couldn’t be keener!

Homepod’s SIRI and WIFIPLUG

The thing we’re most excited about here at WIFIPLUG is HomePod’s Siri intelligence. WIFIPLUG is HomeKit enabled, which means it will talk to Siri as a friend. So, if you fancy turning the lamp on, it’s a simple case of asking Siri to make it happen. For us, it’s the whole reason we decided to run with HomeKit hardware and we are hopeful (in fact we’re certain!) that the Apple’s offering will rival the other SMART assistants already on the market. We’re the only SMART Plug able to speak all languages so in theory, you could tell Siri to turn a lamp on and then get Alexa to turn it back off. And in a normal family home, with a variety of technology, preferences for manufacturers and a love for new gadgets, that’s something that our users are likely to want to do.

What’s more, HomePod will also act as a HomeKit hub, allowing users to control their devices from outside of the home. For WIFIPLUG users, this isn’t an issue as you can already use our app but if you prefer to use the Home app for particular tasks, now you can!

All in all, we are super excited about HomePod and will update everyone in due course when we’ve got some cool videos to share.

What Is A SMART Plug?

Published on January 16, 2018

What Is A SMART Plug?

If you are considering a move into SMART Home, you will be faced with lots (and lots!) of choice. A SMART plug is a plug socket adapter that can be plugged into a conventional socket, making any appliance remote-controllable (usually from your phone).

WIFIPLUG App Controlled SMART Switch

What Do SMART Plugs Do?

SMART Plugs (sometimes referred to as SMART switches or SMART outlets) allow you to control your electrical appliances from a SMART device such as a mobile phone. So let’s say you have a lamp in your living room that you want to be able to control from anywhere (in the world!), you can do so by simply plugging the lamp into a WIFIPLUG. Or perhaps you want to turn a coffee machine on from your bed in the morning so you can go downstairs to a nice warm drink. With WIFIPLUG, the electrical world is your oyster.



SMART plug - HomeKit Switch - HomeKit PlugIs That It?

The issue that you might be facing is: which SMART plug is right for me? This is where it gets slightly more complicated. As well as controlling your plug from your phone, you can also control it from SMART speakers such as Alexa or Google Assistant (or even the new Apple HomePod). If you want to voice operate your plug (by saying something like: Hey Siri, turn on the lamp), you have to ensure that your plug is compatible with the SMART speaker you are using.

The great news is – WIFIPLUG is compatible with just about everything. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomePod – or a combination of them all for that matter! WIFIPLUG speaks all languages and thanks to our state-of-the-art app, it works with just about every platform there is.

It Sounds Hard To Set Up – Is It?

We appreciate that some customers might not be too tech-savvy. That’s why we’ve partnered with Apple to make connecting your plug a piece of cake. If you have an Apple phone, you can simply point our app at the plug using your camera and away you go! You can get online in a matter of seconds. Similarly with an Android, just put the plug into pair mode, open our app and you’re ready to go.

Why Should I Buy A WIFIPLUG SMART Plug?

WIFIPLUG is the only SMART Plug in the world to speak all languages and have free lifetime access to our app. A number of SMART plugs require you to buy additional hardware – especially if you want to control your plugs from outside the house – these are called bridges, hubs or gateways. With WIFIPLUG, you can control your plug from anywhere in the WORLD using our app and absolutely no additional hardware! Not only that, you can see in real-time what energy your electrical device is using.

Sold? Why not place an order today by clicking here.

We’re going IFTTT crazy here at WIFIPLUG!

Published on January 10, 2018

WIFIPLUG – Cool Integration

We absolutely love IFTTT and we believe that you will too when you realise just what it’s capable of! In our office, we have been huge fans of IFTTT for several years and were lucky enough to integrate with them early on.

So what is IFTTT and how can I use it with my WIFIPLUG?

IFTTT is an acronym (pronounced ‘ifffft’ – strange, right?), which stands for ‘If This, Then That…’ – essentially, you can set combinations for your WIFIPLUG using the service. Let’s say that I want my WIFIPLUG to turn on when the sun goes down, that’s something I can quite easily do by telling IFTTT:

If this: Sun Sets

Then that: Turn on WIFIPLUG

We think that’s pretty amazing! So let’s have a walk-through and see how to do it!


First of all, open the IFTTT app (download it from your respective app store and sign up first).

Click the plus button on the top right to get to this page. Then click on ‘this’.

Search ‘weather’ and then click ‘Weather Underground’.


Scroll to ‘Sunset’.

  Click on ‘that’.

  Search WIFIPLUG and select us!

Click ‘Turn on’.

  Click ‘Connect’.

Log in using your credentials.


Authorise us.

Select your lamp (or whatever you want to turn on).


Hey presto – the lights will now come on when the sun goes down! Cool huh?

WIFIPLUG – Rocket the Potential In Your Socket – What’s New, CES, Siri, Alexa, Google and Much More!

Published on January 4, 2018

HomeKit Enabled SMART Plug News

It’s been a huge month for WIFIPLUG – our new product, WIFIPLUG HOME hit the shelves with an Apple-certified HomeKit chip inside, our new app was launched and next week, we are going to Las Vegas to exhibit our kit at CES. This really is the crème-de-la-crème of technology exhibitions and we hope that WIFIPLUG becomes the standout product in our industry. We have been entered for several innovation awards for our new features and we are hopeful that we will gain plenty of recognition in a week’s time. If you follow us, you can keep up-to-date with how we get on.

WIFIPLUG: A SMART Plug That Speaks All Languages

So what’s new this month? Well, first of all and as always, we would like to thank our customers. We’ve had some incredible feedback on WIFIPLUG HOME and we are genuinely thrilled that so many of you love it as much as we do! The HomeKit functionality seems to be going down a storm and our new Apple-certification means that WIFIPLUG integrates seamlessly with your Apple TVs, iPhones and other HomeKit accessories. But that’s not all – we are the only plug on Planet Earth to work with everything: Alexa, Siri, Google, IFTTT – WIFIPLUG really is the plug that speaks all languages!

What Else Is New?

This month, we are tweaking our back-end infrastructure: our server is being upgraded to handle the load of our ever-increasing customer-base, our databases are being redesigned and we are developing new firmware to roll out with the new app – so it’s all go at WIFIPLUG!  Our goal is to deliver the perfect user experience and we’ll stop at nothing to make it happen.

CES – Exhibiting The SMARTEST SMART Plug On Planet Earth

So – to CES! We have been talking to just about everyone about our exhibition plans: Apple, Amazon, tech bloggers and journalists, IoT businesses – the list goes on (and on!). Our plan is to make some meaningful connections as our product continues to grow, so watch this space for more HomeKit functionality, added Amazon features to work with Alexa and some super nifty Google and IFTTT commands.

The Future Of IoT And SMART Homes

What does 2018 have in store? Here’s a hint of things to come: you may have noticed ‘HeartBeat’ mode on the current app. We are working to develop an intuitive AI Engine that will allow the plug to learn user routines meaning when you’re out, people passing will think you’re in. We see this feature (for which we have a patent pending) as the future of SMART technology and by bringing it to market first; we hope to lead the way to the future!

As always, we will keep you up to date on Twitter, our website and through other media throughout the month and year. We would like to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year and prosperous 2018.

What’s the difference

Published on September 27, 2017

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This oughta clear a few things up!


Sweet WIDGET for ANDROID, install it now!

Published on September 27, 2017
How to make your Android & WIFIPLUG a lot cooler!
Head to the Google Play Store:
Search ” Wifi Plug Widgets” or click here
Download the Widget & use your normal WIFIPLUG login details

  • Press: Get WiFiPlugs Account
  • Select Item (your device)
  • Select Image for device
  • Press Add

Open the widget and position it anywhere on the screen.
Tap the icon ON/OFF and you are good to go