Q1 Update HOME 2.0

Published on March 2, 2020

I’m contacting you today with regards to a pre-order you have with us at WIFIPLUG. As is published on our website, we expected to get the plugs out of production by Q1 2020. We tried to be as vague as possible on purpose, our last five hardware releases have told us that guaranteeing a delivery date is near impossible and only results in further customer disappointment when the date is missed, but why is the date always missed? There are an untold number of events that can get in the way when it comes to connected hardware and unfortunately, that is what we need to tell you in this update. 7 years of connected hardware experience and excellent communication with our component factories throughout the development of this new product assured us that we’d be on track to release WIFIPLUG HOME 2.0 within Q1 2020. We were very close too until this happened…

Whilst the product is designed in the UK and even partially assembled here, your WIFIPLUG has over 30 different components inside it with over 90% of them being sourced in China. The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent unpredictable lock downs in China have set us back. Today we heard from one of our component factories stating that, as a result of the lock down, they are now 8 weeks behind schedule, with output halved due to lack of labour. This delay is therefore passed onto us and means we cannot send the product to Apple for their 4-6 week testing until all the pieces are assembled. I am hopeful things stabilise and we can ship your new order well within Q2 2020, we will be updating our website to match this statement and will of course update you, should anything change. Sadly, there is nothing more we can do.


Thanks again for having faith in us to deliver you the Worlds smartest smart plug, it means so much to me and my team. Of course, you are welcome to a full refund at anytime, now or during the first 60 days of ownership, just reply with your your order number and it will be processed within 24hrs (Mon-Fri).

Yours sincerely,

Leon Doyle – CEO & Co Founder