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Control your Boiler / Heater from your iPhone / Smartphone

Posted on the 3rd January 2014

So British Gas have just launched their HiveHome kit that enables you to switch your heating on & off.

Our customers have been doing this for a few months and it’s about 75% cheaper than Hive (plus you don’t have to wait 6 weeks for installation).
Check out our ‘how to’ guide next week and you can take advantage of controlling your heater boiler from your smartphone from anywhere in the World!

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WiFi Plug² Launches

Posted on the 18th December 2013

The wait is over! WiFi Plug has finally arrived! All pre orders will be shipped out within 24 hours. Thanks for being so patient.

The set up is so simple, just download the app and sync your new plug!

Now we have sorted the hardware, we can focus on App updates. We have loads of ideas for this plug including, geo fencing and email alerts – which will be released in Jan/Feb 14

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Reviews & Feedback

Posted on the 2nd December 2013

They say you are only as good as your last review..

That’s why we are showing you 10 of them!
10 Happy customers from our eBay site, which has 100% Positive Feedback ranking.

If you want to give us some feedback (good or bad) just head here.



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Pre Order v.2 NOW

Posted on the 19th November 2013

“Nothing works better than just improving your product.”
Steve Jobs – Apple

So with that in mind, here’s our improvements:

  • Instant Set up (one click and it’s done)
  • New timer settings * 10 per day up to 1year
  • Countdown timer / Random timer (great for security)
  • Group your plugs (Office, Living Room, House etc)
  • Master Switch ON OFF – turn everything on with one click
  • Email alerts
  • New App / Packaging
  • API For Developers (IFTTT)

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New App Released

Posted on the 28th October 2013


Look out for our new app (Android Launched, iOS in Review) Several features & updates including:

7 Day Timer
Sort your devices
Timer function
New colour scheme – New icon
iOS 7 bug fixes
Timer function

Android     iOS

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Inside the WiFi Plug

Posted on the 9th October 2013

 For those of you who don’t want to void your warranty, we have saved you the time. Here is the inside of a WiFi Plug.

As you can see it has an Antenna for extra long Range (upto 90M) – This is why it is rectangle in shape.

The WiFi Receiver and Power switch are the 2 blocks along with a range of sensors, silicon diodes and solders – basic you may think but over 6 months to develop! Enjoy – if you’re a Techie like us!

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18,600 Actions Processed last month

Posted on the 3rd September 2013
Last month, over 600 Appliances EVERY DAY were switched ON & OFF via the WiFi Plug making a total of 18,642 unique clicks recorded on our server.
We are very pleased with our 1st wave of results and are looking forward to monitoring the growth over the coming months.