The World’s smallest, WiFi controlled, Apple® HomeKit™ enabled smart plug with real-time energy meter. Control any appliance, from anywhere in the World, using app or voice and look awesome doing it. From lamps, to coffee machines to blinds and curtains, WIFIPLUG HOME brings your house to life.

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"Hey Siri, turn the lights on!"

Apple® HomeKit™ enabled

Amazon Alexa voice control

No additional hardware

Schedule Timers

Advanced automation with IFTTT

Works with the Google Assistant

Compatible with WIFIPLUG API

World’s smallest smart plug

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Control all your devices from our simple app.

Available in the Apple App Store. Available in the Google Play Store.

Hey Siri

Apple® HomeKit™ technology provides an easy, secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories using Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Now you can literally talk to your Home!

Power Analytics

Receive live data from your plug and estimate the monthly cost of power for your appliance.

Control Any Appliance, from Anywhere

Have you ever left the house wondering if you left your lamp, heater or hair straighteners on? With WIFIPLUG HOME you can view and control the current state of your household appliances.

Helping you save power and helping you stay safe.

Alexa, turn on my coffee machine

Turning your appliances on by hand is so 20th century - talk to your home instead!


Using IFTTT with your WIFIPLUG gives you the ability to use geofencing so your devices turn on and off when they know you're around.