The privacy and protection of our customers' data is paramount at WIFIPLUG. Your information will never be shared with a third party we are not associated with. Your data is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We collect information about you in numerous different ways. For example: you may give the information to us, it may be collected through interactions with you such as through our support system or it may be collected by your use of products that feature live energy monitoring, those being: WIFIPLUG POWER and WIFIPLUG HOME. If we significantly change any of the ways that we collect data or the data we ask for then you will be notified.

We may use your information to complete the following:

We may also record phone calls, conversations and other communications with you to make sure we're living up to the standards we want as well as the relevant laws and regulations.

If we need to, we can use any of our information to contact you. Contact can be made via email, phone, text or post.

If you no longer use any of our products or services then your information will still be stored with us so we can contact you regarding updates, offers/promotions or new product releases that may interest you from either ourselves or from any of our trusted partners.

You are fully entitled to opt-out from any communication regarding updates, offers/promotions or new product releases should you wish to do so. Simply just get in touch with us and let us know what you would or would not like to be notified about and we will tune our system to suit.

Your information may also be shared with any of our trusted partners to complete the following:

If you provide any personal information on behalf of someone else then you confirm that you and the person you are providing the information about have read our Terms & Conditions as well as this Privacy Policy and that it is OK for us to use the information you are providing to us in the ways described here.

You are more than welcome to enquire about the information we hold about you and have a copy for yourself, whether it just be out of curiosity or if you need to update any of it. Simply send us an email at: or View Our Contact Page.