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Developer, WIFIPLUG, Leeds

What’s the role? 

An exciting opportunity to work with a growing IoT (Internet of Things) start-up, with opportunities in both hardware, software and web development. We aim to make use of the latest technologies and are generally agnostic to programming languages, giving you freedom to work on the area that most interests you with the tools you are most proficient with.

What does WIFIPLUG do?

WIFIPLUG is a home automation company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company’s flagship product is the WIFIPLUG HOME, an app and voice controlled smart plug which allows users to control electrical devices from anywhere in the world.  By using WIFIPLUG’s app, users can change the state of their devices (on/off), as well as monitoring energy consumption and setting group timers. Our products have a number of practical applications. Some customers use them for security, some to schedule timers and some to keep an eye on elderly relatives. WIFIPLUG has sold tens of thousands of units worldwide and will soon be the only smart device to pay for itself through energy saving.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day would generally involve working on custom software development and deployment. Depending on experience, you could be involved with: Server maintenance/development, API roll-out, firmware/back-end development.

What type of person are we looking for? 

Ideally some experience of C#and particularly newer technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET Core and EntityFramework. Existing experience using Visual Studio/PyCharm would also be useful, as this is the platform of choice for most development. We also use Python internally for some projects, particularly our APIs.

Any previous work with Lambda, API Gateway, RDS, EC2 and Docker would be helpful.

We also have the opportunity to work with hardware

are, although a more in-depth knowledge of C and experience with IAR Workbench would be required due to the nature of embedded hardware. Finally, we also have tasks available in web development, knowledge in TypeScript/Angular/HTML/CSS would also be suitable for this role.

Are there any perks?

We offer a range of professional opportunities, as well as the potential to travel (subject to skillset being met) to USA/China monthly.

How to apply

The deadline for this application is  Q3/20 Please send your CV / GitHub, as well as a covering letter (no more than one sideA4) detailing your experience to date to: workforus@wifiplug.co.uk