Happy New Year!

Published on January 10, 2019

Goood morning amigos!

We are BACK! Yep – 2 weeks off and no server talk, API events, Bugs, Apps, Cloud, FW, HW, maintenance, updates, storage etc blah blah. Truth be told, we’ve actually missed it, but the good news is we can talk about it all year until next Xmas!

We’ve got some GREAT news!

We got into Techstars – the biggest accelerator for startups on the planet, so we must be doing something right and we are as it goes! (more news next month)

We’ve built a fully functioning, scalable Internet of Things cloud, meaning that after spending over 40,000 hours building to work great with smart plugs, we can now leverage the entire build and help other companies connect their ‘dumb’ stuff to our cloud and make it smart. These can literally be anything, a smart wallet, a smart cupboard, garage doors, radiators, dishwashers – it doesn’t need a plug, although, if it did, we would be the guys to do it!

The reason we get so much attention isn’t really our smart home offering, even though it’s cool as hell and still the only UK plug to work with Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana and IFTT out of the box. it’s down to out Open API platform which is in our DNA, no other smart home product on the planet offers it, meaning cloud connections and connecting to other companies is super straight forward.