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Sweet WIDGET for ANDROID, install it now!

How to make your Android & WIFIPLUG a lot cooler!
Head to the Google Play Store:
Search ” Wifi Plug Widgets” or click here
Download the Widget & use your normal WIFIPLUG login details

  • Press: Get WiFiPlugs Account
  • Select Item (your device)
  • Select Image for device
  • Press Add

Open the widget and position it anywhere on the screen.
Tap the icon ON/OFF and you are good to go

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This is a direct recording in real time to show you just how easy it is to set up the newest member of the family – WIFIPLUG HOME


Security: Apple end to end 256 bit encryption
Easy set up: Scan the HomeKit Setup code
Works out of the box: No additional Hardware required
Price: upto 25% discount now
Voice: “Hey Siri, turn the lamp on”
Meter: Calculate realtime energy and start saving money today

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New Website


Say hi to Jonathan, our new full time web dev UX / UI expert he is going to build us the latest website. We are aiming to strip out a lot of the unnecessary pages and create a sleeker slicker looking website.

We will launch this when we start shipping WIFIPLUG HOME so watch this space.

Speak soon,


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After over a week of continually shipping WIFIPLUG GLASS+ pre-orders, we’re finally caught up and proud to say that WIFIPLUG GLASS+ is now available to order from WIFIPLUG.co.uk and will soon be available on Amazon Prime too!

We would like to thank the many, many people who pre-ordered GLASS+ that are now enjoying the many benefits of the app controlled light switches.

Haven’t yet got your GLASS+? What are you waiting for?


Also new is WiFi CONNEkT – bring PowerLine technology to your plug sockets!

Do you ever lose Wi-Fi signal, dislike using bulky PowerLine adapters or not have access to your USB charger when you need it? Look no further than WiFi CONNEkT.

​Click here to learn more.


As always if you do have any ideas for future developments, do get in touch with us and let us know!

All the best,


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Packaging Preview

Say Hello to the first rendition of the packaging for WIFIPLUG MINI, POWER & HOME! We thought you might like to see some more of the many developments we’re making so here are some renders of what the new packaging currently looks like.

These designs are subject to change without notice.
We’ve also received our first physical version of the WIFIPLUG HOME packaging!

As always, if you have any suggestions for future developments do be sure to get in touch, and let us know!

All the best,


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Pre-Order Updates

Yes, we’re a bit late to the “welcome to 2017” party but we’re back! And we have some more exciting news about WIFIPLUG HOME including a quick setup video showing you how unbelievably easy it is to set up

WIFIPLUG HOME is due to be released in Q3 of this year and just like the thousands that have pre-ordered, we can’t wait for it to start shipping too!

We want to keep you up-to date with the latest news and developments regarding WIFIPLUG HOME from now on, every customer who has a pending pre-order with us will receive regular email updates letting you know the latest information surrounding your pre-ordered product(s).

WIFIPLUG HOME quick setup video *In real time!
This is juts a snippet of information we have available for WIFIPLUG HOME right now but stay tuned for more details added to the regular email updates (you can opt out of course!)

Also new: The best feature of WIFIPLUG HOME (besides Apple® HomeKit™ functionality obviously) will be instant notifications – You can see and be notified about the current ON/OFF state of your WIFIPLUG HOME instantly!

If you haven’t already pre-ordered WIFIPLUG HOME then what are you waiting for?
Pre-order now for up-to 30% off!

Calling all Developers!

​The all new WIFIPLUG API is here!

Whether you’re a hobbyist or looking to become a B2B customer, our brand new API plans definitely have something for you!

Check out our 4 unique plans here.

NOTE: The finished products will look like the images shown elsewhere on our website.
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“Alexa Turn Everything ON”

After months and months of waiting for the Amazon gang over in Seattle to finally list our skill (made 24hrs after the Echo was released!) We are pleased to say it is now LIVE and in the Amazon Skills store.

To get your WIFIPLUG talking with Alexa – make sure you are on the latest WIFIPLUG POWER app

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Search for WIFIPLUG in the skills store (all one word)
  • Enable the skill
  • Sign in with your WIFIPLUG account and press accept
  • Press Discover Devices

Start talking to Alexa! – Just say the name of your device and give the command “Alexa turn {DeviceName} ON”

This is for ALL customers who own a WIFIPLUG , whether you have a WIFIPLUG v.1 / v.2, WIFIPLUG MINI or WIFIPLUG POWER Alexa will bring your plugs up to date!

See you in the New Year !


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Merry Christmas


​So, that’s 2016 pretty much finished so why not take a look at the remarkable things that happened this year.


We’re proud to announce version 2 of the GLASS!


V.2 features all new styling on the front and it now works with Amazon Echo & IFTTT

​Neutral Wire Required!





In the Summer of 2016 we released the all new WIFIPLUG POWER app for use with WIFIPLUG MINI and WIFIPLUG POWER. The new app brought a brand new GUI, feature expansions and more stability.

As we move closer to the end of 2016, we are proud to announce that the WIFIPLUG V.1 app, the WIFIPLUG2 app, the WIFIPLUG GLASS + app as well as the WIFIPLUG POWER app will be replaced with 1 singular app that will control any and all of your WIFIPLUG products!

Note: Update will not work with WIFIPLUG GLASS (V.1)



As always it’s great to meet new and exisiting customers whenever we attend an exhibition and we’ve been very lucky to see many of you at the various exhibitions we’ve attended.

Don’t worry! We’ll be back next year so if you didn’t get chance to come say Hi this year, you’ll still be able to come see us next year!



Like thousands of you that have pre-ordered WIFIPLUG HOME, we’re excited about what will be the World’s smallest Apple® HomeKit™ enabled smart plug with a smart energy meter, setup over WiFi that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the World!

If you haven’t pre-ordered already then what are you waiting for? Pre-order yours now!

These are just but a handfull of the incredible things that has happened this year and we have much more planned for 2017!

On behalf of everyone at WIFIPLUG, we hope you have an amazing Christmas and we’ll see you all in the new year!

On Friday 23rd December 2016, WIFIPLUG will be closed for Christmas until Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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One for all, and all for one!




​WIFIPLUG is launching a new app that will stop you having to use multiple apps to control all your WIFIPLUG products – FINALLY!

WIFIPLUG 1, WIFIPLUG 2, WIFIPLUG MINIWIFIPLUG POWER, and the brand new WIFIPLUG HOME will all be controlled from the spanking new app – WIFIPLUG

“Wait, why do I care?” Well we are removing WIFIPLUG1 WIFIPLUG2 WIFIPLUG GLASS and WIFIUPLUG POWER from all app stores, so you really need to get on board otherwise you will be left behind on outdated versions.

The New App will have IFTTT & ALEXA ready to go- so if you have older plugs then today is your lucky day!

Search the app store for​ –  WIFIPLUG 


​WIFIPLUG1 & 2 customers must upgrade to the WIFIPLUG POWER app for an easy transition
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