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February Newsletter

Posted on the 25th February 2018

Hello Pluggers! It’s been another busy month for us. We’ve launched a new firmware, a new iOS and Android app, and made significant changes to our cloud services. We are confident you will benefit from these updates and enjoy a great end-user experience. We’re still the only plug to work with all voice platforms without the need for any additional hardware and we’re pretty proud of that!

We’ve written a couple of blogs on IFTTT this month too. We really don’t want to go on about it too much but we are sure that if you check it out, you will absolutely love it! IFTTT is a great way to get your apps and devices talking to each other. For a number of people, the prospect of integrating WIFIPLUG with another app might seem pretty daunting but it’s honestly a piece of cake and you can find out how to do it here. We’ll even help you to get set up if you’re struggling! Once you get up and running, you can do things like set your lamp to come on when the sun goes down. IFTTT automatically updates the timers for you according to daylight changes and simply put, it’s brilliant! There are thousands of possibilities – in our office, we have the lights flashing every time the International Space Station goes by – but we appreciate that’s not for everyone (even though it’s probably the coolest thing we’ve ever heard of). We have put together a ‘Fun Things to Try’ page for our users so they can take advantage of some of the great uses for WIFIPLUG.

On that note, we’ve also started hearing about our customers’ positive experiences of WIFIPLUG. Last week, we heard from a customer who had integrated WIFIPLUG with a motion sensor in order to turn a light on when motion was detected, as well as sending a notification to the their phone. We thought this was a great integration (and again, wouldn’t be possible without IFTTT). Whether you are using your WIFIPLUG to operate a lamp or to set up a complex rule-based system, we hope you love the experience. We would love to hear about any other ingenious or inventive ways you are using your WIFIPLUG – get in touch on Twitter @wifiplug

So what’s the future looking like? Pretty good actually! We are developing some very cool features with Alexa, Siri and Google so watch this space for some combined functionality! We always like to dedicate some text to thanking our early adopter customers and acknowledge that without you, none of this would be possible.

As we’ve previously said, we’re a small company with big dreams and your commitment to us makes those dreams a reality – so once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Happy plugging!