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SMART Home – Elderly Care, Timers and even Solar Power!

Posted on the 2nd February 2018

We’re always curious to know what our customers use our products for. It’s really interesting to hear where their needs stem from and how they have integrated WIFIPLUG into their home or SMART home. We think we’re pretty inventive but some of our customers have some absolutely fantastic uses for their plugs.

For instance, we spoke to a customer this week who had paired his WIFIPLUG up with a D-Link motion sensor in order to not only turn a light on but also, to notify him of the movement when it was detected. This was achieved by using IFTTT’s functionality. If you haven’t used IFTTT before, then we must urge you to stop reading this and check it out right away! We’ve previously written about our love for IFTTT so it’s excellent that we now have customers telling us how they’re using it! We partnered with IFTTT a few years ago and we genuinely can’t get enough of it!

Likewise, another customer uses their WIFIPLUGs as a way to check in on the movements of an elderly relative. They have two devices: one plugged into a lamp and the other plugged into the TV. Using the energy monitoring functionality of our app, they are able to see the family member is up and about without needing to take away their independence by constantly checking in.

Another customer we spoke to last week told us about how he has integrated WIFIPLUG with his solar power in his house. He has set up a timer (using IFTTT again of course!) so that when the sun comes out, his lithium-powered vacuum cleaner can go on charge. This means he is essentially charging his device for free without having to manually operate switches when the sun is out.

Whether you are using your WIFIPLUG to operate a lamp or to set up a complex rule-based system, we hope you love the experience. We would love to hear about any other ingenious or inventive ways you are using your WIFIPLUG – get in touch on twitter @wifiplug

Happy Plugging!