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The Ultimate Mod For Your HomePod

Posted on the 26th January 2018
The Best SMART Plug for HomePod

This week, the Apple HomePod’s launch was finally announced and we cannot contain our excitement! We are absolutely desperate to get our hands on one!

As always, Apple has been predictably secretive about the launch of the HomePod, pre-order date of the HomePod, functionality of the HomePod – in fact, they’ve kept shtum about everything. They’ve got a real knack of creating hype by remaining quiet; it’s certainly worked with us! We couldn’t be keener!

Homepod’s SIRI and WIFIPLUG

The thing we’re most excited about here at WIFIPLUG is HomePod’s Siri intelligence. WIFIPLUG is HomeKit enabled, which means it will talk to Siri as a friend. So, if you fancy turning the lamp on, it’s a simple case of asking Siri to make it happen. For us, it’s the whole reason we decided to run with HomeKit hardware and we are hopeful (in fact we’re certain!) that the Apple’s offering will rival the other SMART assistants already on the market. We’re the only SMART Plug able to speak all languages so in theory, you could tell Siri to turn a lamp on and then get Alexa to turn it back off. And in a normal family home, with a variety of technology, preferences for manufacturers and a love for new gadgets, that’s something that our users are likely to want to do.

What’s more, HomePod will also act as a HomeKit hub, allowing users to control their devices from outside of the home. For WIFIPLUG users, this isn’t an issue as you can already use our app but if you prefer to use the Home app for particular tasks, now you can!

All in all, we are super excited about HomePod and will update everyone in due course when we’ve got some cool videos to share.