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What Is A SMART Plug?

Posted on the 16th January 2018

What Is A SMART Plug?

If you are considering a move into SMART Home, you will be faced with lots (and lots!) of choice. A SMART plug is a plug socket adapter that can be plugged into a conventional socket, making any appliance remote-controllable (usually from your phone).

WIFIPLUG App Controlled SMART Switch

What Do SMART Plugs Do?

SMART Plugs (sometimes referred to as SMART switches or SMART outlets) allow you to control your electrical appliances from a SMART device such as a mobile phone. So let’s say you have a lamp in your living room that you want to be able to control from anywhere (in the world!), you can do so by simply plugging the lamp into a WIFIPLUG. Or perhaps you want to turn a coffee machine on from your bed in the morning so you can go downstairs to a nice warm drink. With WIFIPLUG, the electrical world is your oyster.



SMART plug - HomeKit Switch - HomeKit PlugIs That It?

The issue that you might be facing is: which SMART plug is right for me? This is where it gets slightly more complicated. As well as controlling your plug from your phone, you can also control it from SMART speakers such as Alexa or Google Assistant (or even the new Apple HomePod). If you want to voice operate your plug (by saying something like: Hey Siri, turn on the lamp), you have to ensure that your plug is compatible with the SMART speaker you are using.

The great news is – WIFIPLUG is compatible with just about everything. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomePod – or a combination of them all for that matter! WIFIPLUG speaks all languages and thanks to our state-of-the-art app, it works with just about every platform there is.

It Sounds Hard To Set Up – Is It?

We appreciate that some customers might not be too tech-savvy. That’s why we’ve partnered with Apple to make connecting your plug a piece of cake. If you have an Apple phone, you can simply point our app at the plug using your camera and away you go! You can get online in a matter of seconds. Similarly with an Android, just put the plug into pair mode, open our app and you’re ready to go.

Why Should I Buy A WIFIPLUG SMART Plug?

WIFIPLUG is the only SMART Plug in the world to speak all languages and have free lifetime access to our app. A number of SMART plugs require you to buy additional hardware – especially if you want to control your plugs from outside the house – these are called bridges, hubs or gateways. With WIFIPLUG, you can control your plug from anywhere in the WORLD using our app and absolutely no additional hardware! Not only that, you can see in real-time what energy your electrical device is using.

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