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WIFIPLUG Get’s An Update

Posted on the 9th September 2016


After almost 5 months of field trials with the new WIFIPLUG firmware on some select plugs, we are now confident that the new update is ready and is rolling out to a WIFIPLUG near you now!

We were fully aware of the issues some of you were having and we would like to thank you greatly for being patient with us while we got this sorted.

As of right now, the new firmware update is rolling out to every WIFIPLUG and it contains some pretty exciting features:

Automatic reboot: In the event that your WIFIPLUG goes offline, the WIFIPLUG will reboot itself and reconnet back to the app without you even noticing it had gone in the first place!

Stability increase: We have heard that it does sometimes take quite a few seconds for the WIFIPLUG to respond to the action of switching it on remotely so we have managed to increase the stability of the plug to make it faster and therefore better!

WIFIPLUG resurrection: The new firmware update doesn’t just fix performance bugs and increase stability but it has also managed to bring previously deemed faulty plugs back to life and working order!

That’s not all, the new firmware update is optimised ready for the brand new WIFIPLUG POWER app so that your WIFIPLUG’s and the new app will work hand-in-hand.

To apply the new update, make sure that the plug is currently online in the WIFIPLUG POWER app and currently transmitting power through it. Once this has done press the plug icon (blue or green by default) to the left of the plug in the app and simply press “Update Firmware”. The process usually takes around 1-2 minutes and the plug will click and restart once it has successfully completed. Your plugs will automatically reconnect as soon as possible and will now be running the new and updated WIFIPLUG firmware.

WARNING: New firmware update not compatible with WIFIPLUG2, works only with WIFIPLUG POWER and WIFIPLUG MINI.

As always, we thank you greatly for your support, feedback and any suggestions, improvements or even general ideas are always appreciated!

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